What is a CSA?

It is our belief that food and the community should be intertwined. We know not everyone can own their own farm, so we welcome you to join ours. We believe that healthy eating builds a healthy community.


A Community Supported Agriculture Program (C.S.A.), is created to allow a community to share in the daily works and rewards from the farm. When you buy a share of our seasonal produce you are enabling our family to plant and grow the freshest vegetables for you and your families.



By becoming a member, you ensure, with your investment, to fund the production of food in a way that supports the local farm and food security for 12 months, rather than give that money to someone outside our local community.


As the growers, we strive, to provide your family with a consistent weekly supply of fresh produce that is raised with the hard work and love of our family to yours. We will deliver as close as we can to 40 out of the 52 weeks in a 12 month period. This is not guaranteed because inclement weather in south Texas is not unheard of but our growing techniques and your support allow us to get pretty close. A C.S.A. is a shared  community effort, Thinking local and acting local.



What is in my share?

Individual shares have seasonal items.These items can include vegetables, fruit, eggs and bread. It varies week by week based on what is growing. Our full share will feed an average family of four supplemental servings veggies but can fluctuate on size depending on the season. If you’re not sure how to cook it, we have a plethora of recipes available for ideas.

At Moonbow Farms, we strive to bring you heirloom and common varieties of freshly grown local produce.

We also Co-Op with local farmers who share our commitment to growing methods using non-GMO seeds to ensure that your family has the best produce possible all year long.