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Sustainable for our children's children

What is it that makes our farm sustainable? It’s the dedication of the farmer and the support of the community. We at Moonbow Farms have deep roots that go way back and want to continue to allow those roots to flourish and grow through our future generations.  We understand sustainability and what it takes to keep the community around us healthy cause that’s what keeps us going. We use as many natural methods as possible for a gulf coast farm to enact natural viable growing methods for the healthy growth of our wonderful heirloom plants.  We do not use GMO crops because we believe in genetic diversity for the longevity of field crops not genetic manipulation for an easy out in a mono culture conformed society. We believe that the use of herbicides and strong pesticides is not the answer for unblemished fruits and vegetables when we can feasibly sustain our crops with protective measures and natural remedies which do not damage the environment or our neighbors’ health. We understand that the health of our entire farm relies on the health of our soil. Which, is not quickly re-mediated but takes years of love and care to bring back and sustain its health. We also know that it is within these guidelines we follow that the health of our communities will flourish. Please join us in support for your local sustainable CSA. Your children’s children will thank you.

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